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Charity Flow-Through Financing

Market Leaders in
Charity Flow-Through Financing

Oberon is a leading Charity Flow-Through ("CFT") provider and registered as an Exempt Market Dealer and Portfolio Manager in every province of Canada. Oberon has facilitated over CAD$1.6 billion of CFT over the last 15 years, significantly enhancing its clients’ giving power and transforming the lives of the people they support.

CFT is a uniquely Canadian structured financing product, that eliminates market and liquidity risk while combining two long established government tax regimes:

  1. Flow-Through Shares and
  2. Charitable Donation Tax credits

Oberon’s structured format simultaneously benefits the Canadian charity and not-for-profit sector and the Canadian resource exploration and development sector - two critical elements of the Canadian economy. It significantly reduces a philanthropist's after-tax cost of giving, while enabling greater access to capital at reduced dilution for natural resource companies exploring and developing in Canada.

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How it Works

Step 1

Donors buy flow-through shares to access their tax benefits

Step 2

Donors gift the shares to the Canadian charity of their choice

Step 3

Charities immediately sell the shares to an institutional or strategic investor


Reduces the after-tax cost of giving for Canadian philanthropists leading to enhanced and accelerated gifting
Increases access to capital for natural resource companies exploring and developing in Canada
Reduces dilution for natural resource companies, as flow-through shares are issued at a premium to market
Multiplies investments, with up to $2.00 of capital raised for every $1.00 invested by global institutions and family offices
Expands employment opportunities in remote northern Canadian resource communities

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