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Who We Help

Bankers and Brokers

Bankers and Brokers

Oberon works with the Canadian and international Banking and Brokerage community to complete its Charity Flow-Through ("CFT") financings. Oberon’s fees are paid by our Donor clients. Neither Oberon nor any of its partners or employees earn any revenue from issuers of flow-through shares or underwriters of flow-through financings.

Benefits for Bankers and Brokers

Maximize Access to Capital

We provide natural resource issuers access to an enlarged global capital pool by providing an opportunity for institutional and strategic investors to acquire the common shares at or below market, while harnessing high-net worth accredited investor capital by passing on qualifying Canadian Exploration Expenses (“CEE”), Canadian Development Expenses (“CDE”) and Super Flow-Through investment tax credits (“ITCs”).

Maximize Premium and Minimize Dilution

The natural resource issuer secures the highest price possible, at a premium of up to 100% of the market price, resulting in less dilution for shareholders and more capital for exploration and development. With both public and private issuances available.


We manage the regulatory approvals, paperwork and settlement associated with the Donor funds, allowing your issuer clients to maximize proceeds from their capital raise.

No Additional Fees

We work with the issuer and a network of banking and brokerage communities who arrange the common share placement with no additional fees to Oberon.

Learn about the many groups that we help

Resource Issuers

As Charity Flow-Through (“CFT”) financing experts, we work with companies of any market capitalization to help them access the advantages of CFT to explore and develop mineral and energy resource assets in Canada.


We help philanthropists acquire flow-through shares of Canadian resource companies and donate them to their registered Canadian charity of choice, reducing their after-tax cost of giving, supporting the causes they are passionate about and contributing to the development of resource projects in Canada.

Canadian Charities

We work with many of Canada’s most recognizable charities in order to maximize their fundraising proceeds by reducing their donors’ after-tax cost of giving.

Global Resource Investors

We provide an elite global network of institutional and strategic investors access to Canadian resource companies’ common shares, often at a discount to the market price, while the issuer receives the benefit of a premium to market and reduced dilution when issuing flow-through shares.